Oneal Berry Farm

2021 UPDATE - We are not ready yet for blackberry picking....I think snowmageddon, or snovid as we have been calling it, slowed down our blackberries a bit. Thankfully they weren't damaged, but they are slower to ripen this year.....Don't hold me to this, but I think they may be ready around May 22nd weekend....I'm posting a photo I took this past Wednesday below...Keep checking back for updates. We're as anxious as you are to get this season started.


Fresh Blackberries

Pick your own blackberries at Oneal Berry Farm. We have been told by many of our friends and neighbors that they simply love our blackberries, and we can’t say we blame them. Our blackberry plants are thornless and upright for easy picking.


Homemade Blackberry Jelly and Jam

We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome and seasonal homemade jelly and jams.

Cranberry Jam

Recipe ideas

I'm including a link here to a google folder of my favorite blackberry recipes!

Recipe folder


Current status

This photo was taken May 5th...not quite ready....

green berries.jpg

 On days we are open for picking, we start at 9am and are usually out of berries by 11am.

Wine Farm

Come on Down to the Farm!

Please use the Google Maps link below to find us!

214-929-1808 or 214-957-7860