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  • Elizabeth Oneal

OPEN TODAY at 9am - June 2

ONLINE ORDERING -now live at

Pick up from 5-7pm for online orders - blueberries, jams and jelly...

June 2 -

We will be open from 9-12 today. I don't expect the blackberries to last that long though....The bushes we have been picking, (our Prime-Ark varieties) are on the downhill side of their picking season.

Our Ouachita variety blackberries are just starting to ripen. There are Ouachita blackberries to be picked today, and they will continue to increase in number over the next few weeks...

And last but not least, BLUEBERRIES! I picked up 8 gallons Sunday from a family farm in Quitman.....You can get some today from 9-12, or order online and pick up from 5-7pm...

This photo was taken this morning of one of our Ouachita variety bushes...You can see that they are loaded with red berries that are on their way to ripening with a few black ones sprinkled in...

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